End of Season Picnic

Lankford Bay Season-End Gathering

Marina Pavilion - Around 2pm

Saturday September 29 2018


Hello All,

Deb thought it would be fun to attempt a group picnic to celebrate a great, but wet, end-of-boating season.  If you can make it, we would love to see as many of you in one place for a change with time to simply socialize.  We will provide burgers and dogs, possibly crabs if the weather lets up.  Buns and condiments, plates, napkins, "silverware", cups.  Everyone please bring you own favorite beverage, and a dish to share, if you like.  Please RSVP so we can adjust.

So for menu items we have...

  1. Burgers, dogs, buns, & condiments (LBM)
  2. Potato salad (Belousofsky)
  3. Appetizer dish (Levering)
  4. Potato salad (Spangler)
  5. Oatmeal chocolate chip craisin cookies (Fitzhugh)
  6. Spinach salad (Hampel)
  7. Potato salad (Coleman)
  8. Mac n cheese (Mummert)
  9. Squash & corn casserole (Williams)
  10. Cheese, chips, fruit, (Hoeflein/Merrylees)
  11. Cheesecake cookies (Owen)
  12. Drunken Hot Dogs (Haines)


If you decide to bring something please let us know and we'll update the list so that other will know.  So far there are about 30 potential attendees.

 Keith and Deb